Festival of Games 2009 in Holland

Bild von Eku Wand
06.06.2009 - 00:00
14.06.2009 - 23:59

The NLGD Foundation is a European cross-disciplinary platform, the European hub to synergy, vision and inspiration in the games industry. The main goal of the NLGD Foundation is to stimulate the Dutch games industry and to position this industry internationally. In order to accomplish this, the NLGD Foundation offers room to all disciplines within the games industry that work either directly or indirectly with serious- or entertainment games. Included herein are publishers, developer, but also research organizations, educational institutions and trade and industry. Another goal of the NLGD Foundation is therefore to bring together various perspectives on games. With its activities the NLGD Foundation attracts visitors from all over the world. The NLGD Foundation wants to be leading by disseminating its vision, by creating synergy and by inspiring.