Pergames 2007, Salzburg

13.05.2007 - 00:00
16.05.2007 - 00:00

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"The PerGames series of international symposia addresses the design
and technical issues of bringing computer entertainment back to the
real world with pervasive games. Previous PerGames events were held in
Vienna (2004), Munich (2005), Dublin (2006) and attracted researchers and practitioners from all over the world.
Even before the official start of the PerGames series of symposia, some
of the PerGames organizers held a preceeding workshop about Pervasive
Games at the Ubicomp Conference 2001, papers, presentations, and videos
from that event are available here.

PerGames 2007 will take place in and around Max Gandolf Saal
at the University of Salzburg, Austria, on June 11. & 12. 2007. It
will be co-located with the ACM Conference on Advancements in
Entertainment Technologies (ACE). It is supported by IPerG, the Integrated Project on Pervasive Gaming from the European Commission's IST Programme.

PerGames 2007 will feature high quality paper presentations and demos reviewed by an international program committee
of experts from the fields of Pervasive Computing and Gaming. As in
previous years, the best paper submissions will be published in the
prestigous ACM journal Computers in Entertainment (CIE) as well as in the Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting (JVRB). Additionally, printed and online proceedings will be provided."