Screen Images: In-Game Photography, Screenshot, Screencast

Neu erschienen: Im Sammelband „Screen Images: In-Game Photography, Screenshot, Screencast“, herausgegeben von Winfried Gerling, Sebastian Möring und Marco De Mutiis, werden historische und zeitgenössische Bildpraktiken und -phänomene untersucht, darunter Screenshots, Bildschirmfotografie, Screencasts und In-Game-Fotografie.

Das Buch ist im Open Access erschienen und kann hier heruntergeladen werden. Weitere Details:

This volume examines historical and contemporary image practices and phenomena, including screenshots, screen photography, screencasts and in-game photography. The individual chapters pose questions relating to the status, ontology and aesthetics of such practices. The authors and artists investigate the potential for a new area of research at the intersection of a range of disciplines, such as media studies, media aesthetics, media history, image studies, photography theory, game studies, media art and game art. As one of the first publications to address these phenomena, this book speaks to a varied audience in the realms of media studies, game studies and cultural studies as well as to members of the general public interested in historical and contemporary practices associated with visual and digital media.